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CWM0118 Honour & Nobility

A collection of powerful themes perfect for battlefields and adventures. Featuring cinematic orchestral and electronica cues with a variety of moods ranging from honourable conquests to stripped-back emotive tenderness.
Genre: Orchestral Scores

CWM0117 Mystery & Natural Wonder

A collection of atmospheric titles evoking the mysteries and wonders of the universe.

Genre: New Age / Soundscapes

CWM0116 Piano Stories & Acoustic Atmospheres

A compilation of tracks telling intimate stories of falling in love, heartbreak and moments of tension.

Genre: Acoustic Contemporary

CWM0115 Action & Adventure Vol. 1

Huge action and adventure themed tracks perfect for the big Screen and beyond!

Genre: Orchestral / Contemporary Orchestral

CWM0114 Christmas Pop Songs

A collection of modern Pop songs with festive lyrical themes and holiday cheer.

Genre: Christmas Pop / R&B

CWM0113 Late Lounge & Lo-Fi

Chilled Out lounge tracks, inspired by the sunset view from a bar.

Genre: Lounge / Downtempo / Lo-Fi

CWM0112 Thoughtful Piano Moments

A collection of friendly and uplifting mid-tempo tracks mostly based on Pianos, Synths and drum machines.

Genre: Pop / Electronica

CWM0111 Ultimate Christmas Mashups

All your favourite festive anthems performed on pianos and synths and aggressively mashed up over Trap, Dubstep and Chiptune beats.

Genre: Trap / Chiptune / Dubstep

CWM0110 Gentle Guitar Songs

A compilation of soft and mild Acoustic guitar, piano and live band based love songs.

Genre: Acoustic Pop / Country

CWM0109 Songs From The Heart Vol. 2

Another collection of Love songs in a variety of different styles and moods.

Genre: Pop Songs / Love Songs

CWM0108 Sound, Science & Technology

Tracks inspired by the world of science and technology, driving innovatin.

Genre: R&B / Electronica

CWM0107 Beatsrumentals & Chilled Out Lounge

A mixed collection of Lounge, Downtempo and Jazz Electro.

Genre: Lounge / Downtempo

CWM0106 Inspired By Nature

Music that will take you on a journey through breath taking landscapes around the world.

Genre: Contemporary / Orchestral

CWM0105 Female Pop & Electro Nu-Soul

A collection of Female Pop tracks that range from Nu-Soul and Underground Disco, to Electro Pop and Lo-Fi.

Genre: Pop / Electro / Nu Soul

CWM0104 Dirty Trap & R&B

A cool Urban collection of tracks, dripping in bass encrusted licks. Perfect for the street vibe.
Genre: Trap/ R&B

CWM0103 Heartfelt Indie Disco

An upbeat and fresh sounding collection of Indie Pop and Indie Disco tracks with some unusual synths and guitar sounds.
Genre: Indie Disco / Indie Rock

CWM0102 Northern Tonescapes

A collection of poignant contemporary dramatic works featuring piano and strings.

Genre: Contemporary / Dramatic

CWM0101 Pure Metal

A powerful mix of classic and trash metal tracks, full of heavy riffs, pounding drums, with melodic and screaming solos.

Genre: Metal

CWM0100 Dark Tension & Winter Drama

A dark collection of contemporary string and piano works that mix with some modern sound design.

Genre: Dramatic / Contemporary / Soundtrack

CWM0099 Future Break Beats

Aggressive, futuristic break beat tracks with modern synths and some melody top lines.

Genre: Breakbeat / Dance

CWM0098 Songs From The Heart

A collection of Love songs in a variety of different styles and moods.

Genre: Love Songs / Pop

CWM0097 Uplifting Synth Pop

A modern collection of synth pop tracks with an uplifting feel.

Genre: Synth Pop

CWM0096 Reflective Piano Moods

A collection of sweet, emotive and powerful solo piano works.

Genre: Solo Piano

CWM0095 Glitter Balls & Sundecks

A collection of modern Funk and Pop tracks with strong R&B vocalist.

Genre: Modern Funk / Pop / R&B

CWM0094 Classic Rock Sounds

Biker anthems, all recorded with a "classic rock" production style.

Genre: Rock / Classic Rock / Guitar Rock

CWM0093 Upbeat Funk

Upbeat Electro funk and modern pop tracks for fun, young summer-time productions.

Genre: Funk / Electro Pop / Disco

CWM0092 Spooky Rock ‘n Roll

A collection of spooky, wacky, horror tracks with a cartoon B-Movie vibe. Ideal for Halloween productions and Kids TV Shows.

Genre: Rock'n Roll / Halloween / Horror

CWM0091 Classical Cello Concerto

A three movement Classical Cello Concerto performed by a full orchestra.

Genre: Orchestral

CWM0090 Scandinavian Drama

Heart wrenching contemporary compositions creating a dense world of emotion, using strings, pianos, electric guitars and synth sounds.

Genre: Contemporay / Soundtrack

CWM0089 World Mashups

An eclectic mix of traditional world music sounds and aggressive electronic beats.

Genre: World Music / Mashups

CWM0088 Reggaeton Pop

Reggaeton Pop tracks with modern production and a Summertime feel.

Genre: Reggaeton

CWM0087 Grunge & Alternative rock

Slamming rock tracks featuring dirty guitars, pounding drums and classic 90’s bass guitar riffs.

Genre: Grunge / Alternative rock

CWM0086 Wholesome Pianos

Beautiful and uplifting solo piano works, bursting with emotional potency.

Genre: Solo Piano

CWM0085 Ominous Underscores

Dark, tense and dramatic orchestral works bursting with cinematic potential.

Genre: Orchestral / Contemporary

CWM0084 Vivid Indie

Thought provoking and emotive indie rock tracks ideal for pensive moments.

Genre: Indie Rock / Alternative Rock

CWM0083 Modern Pop & Future Funk

Slick pop tracks that blend elements of modern R&B, electronica and funk.

Genre: Pop / R&B / Future Funk

CWM0082 Relaxation & Wellbeing

An album of calm and soothing New-age music with a dreamlike quality.

Genre: New-age

Composers : Michael English

CWM0081 Action Funk & Tense Drama

A hazy mix of urban electronica, gritty electric funk and moments of sonic tension.

Genre: Contemporary / Electronic Funk

Composers : Alex Yakas

CWM0080 Motivation & Business

Uplifting, inspiring and powerful music for business and corporate messages.

Genre: Ambient Music / Contemporary Music / Electronica

CWM0079 Little Family Christmas

Cute little festive tracks bursting with wholesome virtue.

Genre: Christmas Music

CWM0078 Tropical House & Upbeat Dance

A collection of pop tracks with nods to Tropical House and modern dance music.

Genre: Tropical House

CWM0077 Blissed Out Pop & Future Bass

Ice cold dance pop tracks with flavours of future bass, Electro Pop and modern R&B.

Genre: Pop/Future Bass

CWM0076 Hawaiian Vibes

A colletion of impossibly cute yet authentic sounding Hawaiian island music featuring slide guitars and Ukuleles.
Genre: Hawaiian Music

CWM0075 Acid Jazz & Jazz Funk

A vibrant collection of frantic and funky acid jazz tracks.

Genre: Jazz Funk

CWM0074 Warm Hearted Indie Pop

A collection fun, happy and wholesome Indie Pop tracks perfect for spring and early summer productions.

Genre: Indie

CWM0073 Caribbean Vibes

A collection of music based on Caribbean Styles.

Genre: Caribbean Music

CWM0072 Classical Guitar Moods

A colletion of authentically performed Classical Guitar works.

Genre: Classical Guitar

CWM0071 Epic Orchestral Music Trailers Vol. 2

A collection of huge dramatic orchestral works marked with epic drum tracks.

Genre: Orchestral / Soundtrack

CWM0070 Inspiration & Euphoria Vol. 2

The second edition of our uplifting collection of inspirational dance music, ideal for positive and upbeat productions.

Genre: Dance

CWM0069 Epic Orchestral Music Trailers Vol. 1

A collection of huge dramatic orchestral works marked with epic drum tracks.

Genre: Orchestral / Soundtrack

CWM0068 Eclectic Dance Work

A quirky collection of unusual dance music.

Genre: Dance

CWM0067 Indie Disco Anthems

A rocking collection of indie pop tracks with a disco feel.

Genre: Indie Disco

CWM0066 Punk Pop & Skate Rock

Kick ass Pop Rock tracks for your most energetic productions.

Genre: Pop Punk

CWM0065 Inspiration & Euphoria Vol. 1

A uplifting collection of inspirational dance music ideal for positive and upbeat productions.

Genre: Dance

CWM0064 Indie Vocal Anthems

A lively collection of Indie rock, Folk Pop and electronica songs, all containing positive messages about life.

Genre: Indie Rock / Folk Pop

CWM0063 Classical Mash-ups

A slamming collection of electronic music using samples of Classical style riffs and gestures.

Genre: Classical / Electronica

CWM0062 Cheeky Little Christmas

A collection of fun and festive works for the Christmas season.

Genre: Christmas / Festive

CWM0061 Light Guitar Moods

A mixture of lightly produced guitar works that range from pleasant to pensive.

Genre: Light / Smooth Rock

CWM0060 Antique Beats & Electro Swing

Upbeat and lively Electro Swing tracks bursting with jazz riffs and rolling beats.

Genre: Electro Swing

CWM0059 Contemporary Orchestral Cues

A contemporary mix of electronica beats and orchestral strings, ideal for action and tension scenes.

Genre: Orchestral / Soundtrack

CWM0058 Ambient Tension & Futuristic Moods

A collection of moody and thought provoking electronic works ideal for dramatic scenes.

Genre: Ambient / Electronica

CWM0057 Simply Ukuleles

A collection of light hearted Ukulele based music ideal for Springtime and Summer productions.

Genre: Classical / Light Music

CWM0056 Strings Of Remorse

Epic String arrangments with contemporary beats and production.

Genre: Orchestral / Soundtrack

CWM0055 Beach Guitar Party

Sun drenched mix of acoustic guitars and electronic beats.

Genre: Folktronica / Light Music

CWM0054 Electric Strings

Dark and anxious strings mixed with slick hip hop breakbeats.

Genre: Orchestral / Breakbeat

CWM0053 In Da Club Vol. 2

Contemporary Dance, House and EDM tracks with a chart music feel.

Genre: Dance / House / EDM

CWM0052 Light Jazz & Latin Grooves

A collection of Light and Latin instrumentals with a mix of influences from the "cool era" of Jazz.

Genre: Jazz / Latin

CWM0051 Piano Indie Rock

Piano based Indie Rock heaven!

Genre: Indie Rock / Pop / Piano Rock

CWM0050 World In News Vol. 2

Vol. 2 of our News music series.

Genre: News Beds / Production / Imaging

CWM0049 Emotive Piano Session

Beautifully crafted solo piano works coloured with an array of searing emotions and evocative imagery.

Genre: Solo Piano

CWM0048 Smooth Guitar Moods

A delicious collection of effortlessly smooth guitar tracks.

Genre: Rock / Light Music / M'O'R

CWM0047 Cosy Christmas

A selection of sweet and heart warming works with a festive feel.

Genre: Christmas / Easy Listening / Festive

CWM0046 Ambient Sci-fi Event

A passion filled blend of cinematic string themes and ambient electronica ideal for futuristic scenes.

Genre: Soundtrack / Ambient / Cinematic

CWM0045 Candy Floss Audio Vol. 2

Volume 2 of our light and fluffy easy listening series.

Genre: Light Pop / Kids Music / Fluffy Folk / Lullaby

CWM0044 World In News Vol. 1

A Collection of grand works ideal for News broadcasts.

Genre: News / Production / Radio Imaging

CWM0043 Dance Pop Anthems

A tasty collection of upbeat dance works exploding with modern production and contemporary sounds.

Genre: Dance / Pop

CWM0042 Summer Dreams - Music For Advertising

Ukulele & Xylophone infused Folk pop, ideal for advertisements.

Genre: Rock / Folk Pop / Light Music / Rock / Pop Rock

CWM0041 Sunshine Guitar Pop Vol. 2

Upbeat, feel good guitar jams for the Summer!

Genre: Rock / Indie / Guitar / Feel-Good

CWM0040 Midnight Downtempo

Ice cold chill out music with an urban midnight feel.

Genre: Chill Out / Downtempo

CWM0039 Cinematica - Cutting Edge Sound Design

World Class, cutting edge works and effects for sound design.

Genre: Sound Effects

CWM0038 Eastern Intrigue

A gritty mash-up of Eastern sounds and Western influenced beats.

Genre: Eastern/Contemporary

CWM0037 Ska Pop Holiday

Fresh, fun and energetic Ska Pop tracks bursting with youthful effervescence.

Genre: Country / Ska / Pop / Punk / Two-tone

CWM0036 Western Roots

A collection of contemporary pop tracks heavily influenced by rural American folk music.

Genre: Country / Folk / Pop

CWM0035 Suburban Downtempo Vol 3

Volume 3 of our Downtempo series. Seriously cool, background lounge, chill out and downtempo works.

Genre: Downtempo / Chillout

CWM0034 Chillin In The Crib

Contemporary R&B beats with a deep urban vibe.

Genre: RnB / Pop

CWM0033 Darkly Dreaming

A Sinister collection of Soundscapes and nightmares

Genre: Atmospheric / Drones / Dark

CWM0032 Deeper Love

Fresh and sexy house tracks littered with references to the new deep house movement.

Genre: Deep House

CWM0031 Pianos In An Empty Room

A dark and pensive collection of moody, solo piano works

Genre: Dark / Pensive

CWM0030 Summer Slammer

A Collection of huge Summer Dance tracks ready to devastate the dance floor.

Genre: Dance / Pop

CWM0029 Life On Cloud 9

Light, fluffy and beautiful music for a dreamy head.

Genre: Laidback / Dreamscape

CWM0028 A Taste Of Spring

Fresh and life affirming collection of acoustic music, ideal for Spring productions.

Genre: Pop / Laidback / Folk / Acoustic

CWM0027 Panel Show Rockout

Spiky and energetic blasts of rock guitar fun.

Genre: Rock / Pop / Gameshow

CWM0026 Streets Of Brazil

Energetic and fun collection of music with Brazilian themes.

Genre: World Music / Brazil

CWM0025 Suburban Downtempo Volume 2

Volume 2 of our Downtempo series. Lot’s to chillout to here!

Genre: Downtempo / Chillout / Pop

CWM0024 Places of Beauty

Evocative and delicate works ideal for picturesque landscape footage.

Genre: Chillout / Emotive

CWM0023 World of Fuzz Bass

Dramatic collection of fuzzed up, bass guitar led breakbeats.

Genre: Rock / Indie / Pop

CWM0022 Man Vs Machine

Wacky selection of tunes based on beats made by human vocals.

Genre: Wacky / Pop / Club

CWM0021 Nightmare On ClearWave Street

Spooky horror music perfect for witching hour! Answer me now! TRICK OR TREAT!

Genre: Halloween / Horror

CWM0020 Christmas Delights

Prop up the Christmas tree, tell mum to get the fairy lights out of the attic and pour yourself a sherry.....It’s CHRISTMAS!

CWM0019 Forever Young Indie

Deep down we’re all young inside, these juicy array of tracks will conjure up some of those old memories… from pure indie energy to music that will inspire!
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