Album Artwork for CWM0002 Acoustic Sunset
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CWM0002 Acoustic Sunset

Pondering, laidback and reflective acoustic classics.

Genre: Acoustic / Chillout / Pop

Composers: Simon Brewer / Sean John Clark / Scott James Ross / Ron Wasserman / Paul McLinden / Andrew McLinden / Maria Jordan / Luke Jones / Oakley Andrews / Henry Gorman

1. Heart of Gold
Trustworthy nugget of acoustic Folk.
Henry Gorman
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2. Evening Stroll
Lovely sweet little acoustic guitar jam.
Andy Jones
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3. Thinking of You
Piano based tune that’s as evocative as a walk down the street you grew up in.
Ron Wasserman
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4. Beautiful World
Cosy guitar riff to roll up in a ball to.
Paul Mclinden & Andrew Mclinden
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5. Jackson Sunday
Magical slab of acoustic guitar melancholy.
Luke Jones & Oakley Andrews
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6. The Lonely Lake
Honest guitars with warm string pads to vouch for them.
Scott James Ross
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7. Sitting out on the Stoop
Home-grown US style guitar journey.
Andre Rodriguez
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8. Everything to Me
A large powerful moment brought to you by a folky acoustic guitar.
Sean John Clark
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9. Autumn Leaves
Guitar piece as fresh and pure as a thoughtful walk around the lake.
Simon Brewer
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10. Thoughts of You
Icy guitar based mood piece for a lonely scene.
Andy Tompkins
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11. Keep Rolling
Finger picked up beat moment of thought.
Simon Brewer
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12. The Two of Us
Lovely piece of acoustic Americana.
Scott James Ross
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13. Last Dance
Country tinged feeling you get at the end of a good barn dance.
Sean John Clark
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14. After All of This
Frosty intro gives way to the acoustic guitar based memories of how it used to be.
Maria Jordan
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