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CWM0018 Suburban Downtempo

Grab your lilo and your coolest hipster shades. It’s time to chill out to this tranquil selection of “soul pleasing” downtempo tracks. Your welcome!

Genre: Downtempo, Chillout, Pop

Composers: Brian Lovechild, Jonathan Sharp, Kayne Harrison, Nimisha Patel, Tony Harris, Richard Llewellyn, Jonathan Round, Carl Matthews, Rob Colquhoun, Adam Douglas, Phil Ogden, Joseph Rusnak

1. Les Beaux Jours
Deep, rich, Jazzy & Spaced out down-tempo excellence.
Brian Lovechild
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2. Latin Jetset
Upwardly mobile & Jazzy down-tempo delight!
Jonathan Sharp
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3. Rich Living
Shimmering shaker based Synth Chillout session
Kayne Harrison & Nimisha Patel
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4. The Chiller Cabinet
Awesome ambient ear candy all based on a fuzzed up drum break.
Tony Harris
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5. Heatwave
Gorgeous acoustic guitar melody and percussion heavy breakbeat.
Richard Llewellyn
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6. Deep Chillage
Uplifting & Rolling break Driven meditation.
Jonathan Sharp
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7. Moving Downtown
Pensive but pretty solo piano work.
Jonathan Round
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8. Precious Gift
Dreamy, Laidback & wholesome guitar jam.
Carl Matthews
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9. Celestial Roids
Sublime. Otherworldly jazz out with mild bluegrass feel.
Rob Colquhoun
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10. Back to California
Ultra cool hip hop vs sweeping synth pads
Adam Douglas
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11. Pacific South
Uber cool breakbeat with a doped up synth line.
Phil Ogden
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12. Steppin Out
Offbeat mix of jazzy drums, keys and a dirty 303 bassline.
Kayne Harrison & Nimisha Patel
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13. Sweet Time
Driving ambient electronic rocker.
Jonathan Sharp
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14. Euphoric Subway
Futuristic down-tempo based on a jazz break.
Joseph Rusnak
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