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CWM0026 Streets Of Brazil

Energetic and fun collection of music with Brazilian themes

Genre: World Music / Brazil

Compossers: Andy Jones / Brain Lovechild / Paul Crudgington / Ian Stanford / Adam McEvoy / Henry Gorman / Carl Matthews / Flossie Wood / Penny Weedon Kerr / Luke Jones / Oakley Andrews / Tony Harris / Kayne Harrison / Nimisha Patel
1. Latin Fire
Modern club influenced carnival music with samba elements.
Andy Jones
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2. Carnival Heros
Classic Brazilian Carnival percussion.
Brian Lovechild
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3. Samba Soccer
Up tempo samba piece with funky guitars.
Paul Crudgington & Ian Stanford
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4. Champion Dance
Driving Latin piece lead by synths and electric brass section.
Adam McEvoy
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5. Heart of the Rose
Spanish guitar heavy tradition dance.
Henry Gorman
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6. Las Cruces
Funky Samba track.
Brian Lovechild
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7. Sweet Victory
Energetic stadium percussion event.
Carl Matthews
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8. Nights of Quite Latin
Offbeat Latin work with psychedelic vocal effect.
Flossie Wood
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9. O Jogo Glorioso
Pleasant Latin track.
Penny Weedon Kerr
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10. Viva Brazil
Latin house with an organic samba sample.
Luke Jones & Oakley Andrews
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11. Cubana
Salsa track with mild melody.
Tony Harris
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12. My Latin Lover
Slow broody track with percussive cross rhythms
Kayne Harrison & Nimisha Patel
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