Album Artwork for CWM0055 Beach Guitar Party
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CWM0055 Beach Guitar Party

Sun drenched mix of acoustic guitars and electronic beats.

Genre: Folktronica / Light Music

Composers: Luke Jones / Matt Ashford / Jonathan Sharp / Phil Ogden / Hayley Wood / Julian Hamlin / Ivor Goldberg / Richard Llewellyn / Matthew Corbett / Mike Wilkie / Risto Miettinen / Owen Gurry / Dennis Ralph / Michael Botzaropoulos

1. Meet Me There
A light and fluffy guitar track bursting with a gentle beach vibe.
Luke Jones
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2. BBQ At Sunset
Gorgeous piano led summer track with acoustic guitars and synths.
Matt Ashford
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3. Westside Beach Bar
Guitar track with a big heart and some wise synth pads.
Jonathan Sharp
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4. Carefree Thursday
Bluesy beach guitar work with supporting synths and a psychedelic rhythm guitar part.
Phil Ogden
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5. My Blue Sanctuary
Piano and acoustic guitar based work with a sweet downtempo vibe.
Hayley Wood
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6. Nocha Salsa
Restless Latin track with rock guitar solos and sneaky vocals.
Julian Hamlin & Ivor Goldberg
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7. Delicate Southern Waves
Super friendly folktronica guitar track.
Richard Llewellyn
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8. Alabama Soft Top
Easy going rock track with a rolling summer vibe.
Matthew Corbett & Mike Wilkie
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9. Caribbean Tide
Happy mix of Reggae guitars, electronic beds and Caribbean percussion.
Risto Miettinen
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10. Feta Salad
Melodic soft guitar track with electronic beats and a late summer feel.
Owen Gurry
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11. Sunsetter With Ice
Powerful piano and guitar work, ideal for reflective summer productions.
Matthew Corbett & Mike Wilkie
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12. Summer Road Trip
Guitar led mid-tempo folktronica mixed with jangle pop.
Dennis Ralph
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13. Trail To The Bay
A slick blast of acoustic folktronica fun.
Owen Gurry
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14. Good Times & Big Hearts
Indie pop plod with glockenspiel and whistling.
Matthew Corbett & Mike Wilkie
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15. Sunny Side UP
Funny holiday track bursting with tropical sounds.
Michael Botzaropoulos
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