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CWM0056 Strings Of Remorse

Epic String arrangments with contemporary beats and production.

Genre: Orchestral / Soundtrack

Composers: Spiros Dielas / Rob Northcott / Gareth Hughes / Rowan Bishop / Adam Mills / Phil Ogden / Jonathan Sharp / Michael English

1. Haunted Ghetto
A pensive yet urban mix of emotive strings, drum kit and electric guitar.
Spiros Dielas
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2. Last Light
Slow but driving string section backed up with a pounding drum break and a filthy fuzzed up bass line.
Rob Northcott
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3. Baltimore Sunrise
An urban mood piece with a large string section, a stern piano part and a dirty breakbeat.
Gareth Hughes
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4. Enter The Zone
A powerfully epic string work, dripping with excitement.
Rob Northcott
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5. The Dark Discovery
An epic orchestral work that builds throughout.
Rowan Bishop
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6. In Peril
A tense and mournful scene setter. Some action is coming pretty soon!
Rob Northcott
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7. Lock 'n Load
A tense and complex string based work with an energetic drum beat.
Adam Mills
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8. Espiritus Blue
A rolling string based work with a lead piano line.
Phil Ogden
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9. Broken Hearts
A bitter sweet string based work with a rolling breakbeat.
Jonathan Sharp
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10. Aftermath Of The Martians
A slow paced string arrangement mixed with an electronic breakbeat and synth sounds.
Michael English
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