Album Artwork for CWM0060 Antique Beats & Electro Swing
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CWM0060 Antique Beats & Electro Swing

Upbeat and lively Electro Swing tracks bursting with jazz riffs and rolling beats.

Genre: Electro Swing

Composers: David Hollandsworth / Adam McEvoy / Matthew Corbet / Mike Wilkie / Michael Botzaropoulos / Tom Donovan / Sophie Tott / David Bennett / Paul Crudginton / Ian Stanford / Adam Mills / Jennifer Whyte / Owen Gurry / Cat Southhall / Phil Ogden / Hayley Wood / Risto Miettinen / Jonathan Sharp / Andrew Atkins / Ernest Vincent

1. Super Swingtime
Effortlessly cool mix of Jazzy brass solos, Hammond organs and Charleston era piano licks over a swaggering drum beat.
David Hollandsworth & Adam McEvoy
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2. All My Sax
Pacey little house track that mixes Gypsy jazz guitar riffs and a competent saxophone solo.
Matthew Corbet & Mike Wilkie
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3. Alive & Swinging
A solid jazz piano riff backed up with wind instruments and a solid house beat.
Michael Botzaropoulos
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4. Gin & Good Times
Clavinet lead house track with a rolling electro swing vibe and a cut up jazzy vocal.
Tom Donovan & Sophie Tott
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5. Atlantic City Bounce
Straight forward and cleanly produced drum break mixed with walking piano line and trumpet flourishes.
David Bennett
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6. Jive Squeal
Fun and lively electro swing track reminiscent of the Big beat era of British dance music.
Paul Crudginton & Ian Stanford
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7. We Gone Breakit!
Hypnotic piano and unrelenting drum beat mixes with jazzy flourishes and dirty synth lines.
Adam Mills
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8. Electro Cute
A fun mix of Dixieland jazz and a solid drum beat.
Jennifer Whyte
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9. Rocking The Boardwalk
Rolling house track bursting with jazzy brass licks and turntablism.
Matthew Corbet & Mike Wilkie
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10. Do My Strut
Gypsy jazz meets a slick breakbeat, laced with sax riffs, brass licks and a female vocal.
Owen Gurry & Cat Southhall
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11. Do My Strut (Instrumental)
Gypsy jazz meets a slick breakbeat, laced with sax riffs and brass licks.
Owen Gurry & Cat Southhall
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12. Wireless Swing Bop
Saxophones and clarinets jazz up a break beat while the gypsy jazz guitarist holds down the groove.
Phil Ogden
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13. Bees Knees
Funny mix of jazzy vocal stabs, walking piano line and electronica.
Hayley Wood
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14. Voodoo Prince
Mid-tempo dance track with jazzy stabs and walking piano line.
Owen Gurry
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15. The Electric Ball
Big rolling house track with some sliced up brass and bass hits.
Risto Miettinen
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16. Tasty Fiddle Time
Deliriously happy little break beat track with a friendly violin lead melody.
Matthew Corbet & Mike Wilkie
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17. The Charleston Sax Jam
Bouncing House track with a saxophone lead.
Jonathan Sharp
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18. Electric Swing Thing
Funny little mix of blue and breakbeats straight from a wild-west saloon.
Andrew Atkins
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19. Hammond & Squeak
Glitchy mix of sax, Hammond organ and breakbeats.
Paul Crudginton & Ian Stanford
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20. Whistle & Swing
Surreal mix of speak easy fun and a plodding breakbeat.
Ernest Vincent
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