Music Collection

CWM0043 Dance Pop Anthems

A tasty collection of upbeat dance works exploding with modern production and contemporary sounds.

Genre: Dance / Pop

CWM0042 Summer Dreams - Music For Advertising

Ukulele & Xylophone infused Folk pop, ideal for advertisements.

Genre: Rock / Folk Pop / Light Music / Rock / Pop Rock

CWM0041 Sunshine Guitar Pop Vol. 2

Upbeat, feel good guitar jams for the Summer!

Genre: Rock / Indie / Guitar / Feel-Good

CWM0040 Midnight Downtempo

Ice cold chill out music with an urban midnight feel.

Genre: Chill Out / Downtempo

CWM0039 Cinematica - Cutting Edge Sound Design

World Class, cutting edge works and effects for sound design.

Genre: Sound Effects

CWM0038 Eastern Intrigue

A gritty mash-up of Eastern sounds and Western influenced beats.

Genre: Eastern/Contemporary

CWM0037 Ska Pop Holiday

Fresh, fun and energetic Ska Pop tracks bursting with youthful effervescence.

Genre: Country / Ska / Pop / Punk / Two-tone

CWM0036 Western Roots

A collection of contemporary pop tracks heavily influenced by rural American folk music.

Genre: Country / Folk / Pop

CWM0035 Suburban Downtempo Vol 3

Volume 3 of our Downtempo series. Seriously cool, background lounge, chill out and downtempo works.

Genre: Downtempo / Chillout

CWM0034 Chillin In The Crib

Contemporary R&B beats with a deep urban vibe.

Genre: RnB / Pop

CWM0033 Darkly Dreaming

A Sinister collection of Soundscapes and nightmares

Genre: Atmospheric / Drones / Dark

CWM0032 Deeper Love

Fresh and sexy house tracks littered with references to the new deep house movement.

Genre: Deep House

CWM0031 Pianos In An Empty Room

A dark and pensive collection of moody, solo piano works

Genre: Dark / Pensive

CWM0030 Summer Slammer

A Collection of huge Summer Dance tracks ready to devastate the dance floor.

Genre: Dance / Pop

CWM0029 Life On Cloud 9

Light, fluffy and beautiful music for a dreamy head.

Genre: Laidback / Dreamscape

CWM0028 A Taste Of Spring

Fresh and life affirming collection of acoustic music, ideal for Spring productions.

Genre: Pop / Laidback / Folk / Acoustic

CWM0027 Panel Show Rockout

Spiky and energetic blasts of rock guitar fun.

Genre: Rock / Pop / Gameshow

CWM0026 Streets Of Brazil

Energetic and fun collection of music with Brazilian themes.

Genre: World Music / Brazil

CWM0025 Suburban Downtempo Volume 2

Volume 2 of our Downtempo series. Lot’s to chillout to here!

Genre: Downtempo / Chillout / Pop

CWM0024 Places of Beauty

Evocative and delicate works ideal for picturesque landscape footage.

Genre: Chillout / Emotive

CWM0023 World of Fuzz Bass

Dramatic collection of fuzzed up, bass guitar led breakbeats.

Genre: Rock / Indie / Pop

CWM0022 Man Vs Machine

Wacky selection of tunes based on beats made by human vocals.

Genre: Wacky / Pop / Club

CWM0021 Nightmare On ClearWave Street

Spooky horror music perfect for witching hour! Answer me now! TRICK OR TREAT!

Genre: Halloween / Horror

CWM0020 Christmas Delights

Prop up the Christmas tree, tell mum to get the fairy lights out of the attic and pour yourself a sherry.....It’s CHRISTMAS!

CWM0019 Forever Young Indie

Deep down we’re all young inside, these juicy array of tracks will conjure up some of those old memories… from pure indie energy to music that will inspire!

CWM0018 Suburban Downtempo

Grab your lilo and your coolest hipster shades. It’s time to chill out to this tranquil selection of “soul pleasing” downtempo tracks. Your welcome!

CWM0017 Kids Playhouse Vol 1

An album of fun music, ideal for any production aimed at children.

Genre: Kids / Pop

CWM0016 In Da Club

Sheering collection of club bangers! Chart-based dance music at its very best.

Genre: Pop / Dance / Hip Hop / Club

CWM0015 Pianos with a Big Heart

Thoughtful, inspirational and beautiful mood poems, all performed on piano.

Genre: Solo Piano

CWM0014 Ukulele Smiles and Twee Pop

A collection of happy and uplifting Ukulele based ditties that marry traditional sounds with a bright new future.

Genre: Pop / Light Hearted

CWM0013 Sunshine Guitar Pop

Super catchy feel good guitar Pop.

Genre: Pop / Vocal

CWM0012 Devastating Dubstep

Blisteringly awesome dubstep slams! Straight from the streets!

Genre: Dubstep / Pop

CWM0011 Natural World

A beautiful collection of soaring and enchanting natural beats.

Genre: Soundscape / Ambient

CWM0010 Chilled Breakbeat

An eclectic selection of laidback tracks, smooth and refined.

Genre: Breakbeat / Ambient / Electro House

CWM0009 Ghetto Life R&B

Smokin R&B hits with punchy bass and relentless rolling beats!

Genre: RnB / Urban / Pop

CWM0008 Laidback House

Cool and sexy collection of authentic Ibiza bar culture.

Genre: House / Pop / Urban

CWM0007 Inner City Drum Breaks

Underground crunching beats from the urban streets.

Genre: Breakbeat / Dance / Electronica / House

CWM0006 Candy Floss Audio

Sparkling and fresh assortment of joyful gems.

Genre: Pop / Kitsch / Quirky / Children

CWM0005 Cinematic Tension

Tense, dramatic soundscapes that build emotionally.

Genre: Film / Ambient / Soundscape

CWM0004 Rock Solid Vibes

Bright, uplifting, inspirational Rock Classics.

Genre: Rock / Indie / Pop

CWM0003 Edgy Breakbeats Vol. 1

Relentless compilation of slamming, glitchy electro Breakbeats.

Genre: Breakbeat / Electro / House

CWM0002 Acoustic Sunset

Pondering, laidback and reflective acoustic classics.

Genre: Acoustic / Chillout / Pop

CWM0001 Independent Rocking

Feel good pop, pumping rock anthems and Indie rocking beats.

Genre: Rock / Indie / Pop
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